Tiffany Steckel-Hiler

Tiffany Steckel-Hiler – Architect
Administrative Director

Tiffany has been a part of the S3 Partners team for 7 years. She has been promoted to the Administrative Director position where she  manages areas  of  the accounting, development process and marketing segments of the company. 

Prior to joining S3, Tiffany worked closely with various top executives including the vice president, chief executive officer and chief financial officers within the Business Aviation and Oil & Gas industries.

Tiffany carries an MBA from University of Phoenix and is prepping to take the commercial real estate exam.

About S3 Partners

S3 Partners offers project development, management and a host of other services exclusively to the self-storage industry. Clients range from owners of single facilities to large national chains and REITS. Services include site due diligence, selection and site audits, design/engineering and project/construction management and facility remodeling/refreshing and financial/capital budgeting.

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