Budgeting/Proforma Assistance

S3 Partners’ Budgeting/Proforma consulting services keep storage facility projects on schedule and on budget. With 25 years of construction and project management experience, the consultants at S3 Partners have the expertise to select the right vendors, negotiate pricing and help you obtain financing for your next storage facility project.

Budgeting and Proforma Assistance Services

  • Initial Budget and Proforma Summary
  • Building/Door Vendor Selection and Negotiation
  • Guarantied Maximum Pricing Process (GMP)
  • Financing (Debt/Equity) Assistance

Our professional consulting staff will negotiate competitive pricing and provide you with a guaranteed maximum (GMP) price for your storage facility project. The GMP caps the cost of a project, even if there are cost overruns. Self storage companies across the U.S. trust S3 Partners to provide the services they need. Our hands-on experience helps self storage businesses save money and avoid costly mistakes.

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