Appealing Facility

Unlock the Secrets to an Appealing Facility – how to ensure your facility looks its best

Five tips for how to ensure your facility looks its best

When it comes to running a successful self-storage business there is no doubt that the overall appearance and image of your facility can have a huge impact on how well you attract and retain customers. From curb appeal to customer services, having an attractive physical space is key for making sure your customers feel comfortable storing their belongings with you. Here are five tips for how to ensure that your self-storage facility looks its best and maintains a professional image. 

  1. Keep grounds clean – make sure that all debris is regularly removed from around the perimeter of your property so that it always appears neat and tidy. This includes picking up leaves, trimming any overgrown plants or grasses, removing weeds from flower beds, sweeping driveways or pathways free of dirt or grime, etc. Doing this not only makes sure visitors get a good first impression of your facility but also helps prevent any potential damage or safety hazards. 
  2. Make sure signage is visible and up to date – invest in effectively placed signs that are easily readable from a distance to direct customers to your facility and help them find their way around. Consider illuminated signage to expose branding and important locations at your facility. Ensure that all necessary information is clearly displayed and keep the branding consistent across all graphics or designs. Keep regular checkups of the condition of these signs so you can maintain their professional appearance over time. 
  3. Enhance curb appeal – you want customers to be wowed by what they see when they first pull up to your location. Paint any worn facades or walls, refresh landscaping features like flower beds or outdoor furniture with new colors, add decorations like a flagpole or planters, and keep the exterior of your buildings clean and free of dirt and grime. 
  4. Install security features – the safety of customers’ items is paramount for many when looking to store them in a self-storage facility. Display any CCTV footage prominently, as well as any fencing or gates that may be present. Additionally, consider offering convenient access options like keycard entry systems or digital locks to help give customers peace of mind.
  5. Invest in customer serviceproviding excellent customer service can often mean the difference between a good impression and an amazing one. Make sure that staff are trained adequately so they are prepared to answer questions with confidence and respect while ensuring that all policies and procedures are communicated clearly. 

By following these five tips, you can be sure that your self-storage facility is looking its best, making it more attractive to new customers, while retaining existing ones. A professional appearance reinforces the trustworthiness of your company, so make sure to take advantage of every opportunity to show off the quality of what you offer. 

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