Storage Development

Knowing Is Half The Battle: The Key To Successful Storage Development

Make smart decisions with S3 Partners Due Diligence services.


Developing a new self-storage or toy storage facility is a complex endeavor. To ensure that your project is successful, it’s essential to invest in due diligence services to understand the market and identify the best location for your business. From planning/zoning review to feasibility reporting and budget development, these services can provide valuable insights into whether or not you should proceed with your project. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why due diligence is so important when building a new storage facility and how S3 Partners can help you get the information you need for a successful investment.

Due diligence is the process of gathering information about the local market and regulations to ensure that your proposed development is profitable. This includes researching customer demand, competition, site characteristics, local regulations, and other data to provide you with a full picture of whether or not your project will be profitable. To obtain such information one may need to do market surveys, review local government records, access industry publications and reports, census data, etc. The feasibility report should also include an analysis of potential risks and rewards associated with the project and a project budget/proforma so that you can understand how much investment will be required for such success. This can be done by calculating the cost of construction, permits/licenses, operational expenses, marketing costs, and any other factors associated with running a successful facility.

At S3 Partners we understand the importance of selecting and developing the right location for your facility. Our team has extensive experience in providing comprehensive due diligence services to help you make informed decisions during the site selection process. We can assist with planning and zoning review, concept design and project programming, feasibility reporting, project budget, and proforma development so that you have a clear understanding of what it takes to build an effective and lucrative storage facility, no matter the type. Contact us today to get started.