Photography and Videography Services

Photography and Videography Services that Increase ROI

Photography and videography services have become increasingly important for self-storage facilities. As storage companies look to grow their business, they need to be able to accurately document their units, while also upping their marketing game. Photography and videography provide a convenient and cost-effective way to do both tasks, thus increasing ROI.


For insurance purposes, it’s essential that self-storage facilities take regular photos of each unit and its contents. This is especially true if the facility has an on-site manager or security guard who can’t be around 24/7. With regular photography services, these businesses can ensure that all the contents are accounted for in the event of an accident or theft. Furthermore, having professional photography done allows the business to easily document any changes in the facility or contents of its units over time.


Videography services are also beneficial for self-storage facilities. Videographers can also create amazing promotional videos with footage of their facilities, which can help attract more customers online or through traditional marketing channels like print ads and radio spots. 

Additionally, videographers can be hired to document remodeling efforts and signage updates. For example, if a storage facility wants to give its interior a makeover, they can hire a videographer to capture the entire process and document it for use in future marketing pieces. With this type of service, facilities are able to promote themselves more effectively with beautiful visuals. 

It is easy to see why photography and videography services are essential for self-storage facilities. Not only do they provide a reliable way to accurately document all the units and their contents, but they also give businesses the opportunity to market their property more effectively. If you are a self-storage facility looking to take your marketing efforts one step further, don’t forget the power of professional photography and videography services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the most out of your investments in these vital business tools. Whether you’re in need of one-off projects, recurring contracts or anything else related to storage unit photography or videography, our team is here to help.