Storage Facility

Exploring the Phases of Storage Facility Development with S3 Partners

S3 Partners is on the verge of completing a project in Houston, Texas, set to unveil its doors no later than July 2024. As we approach this milestone, we believe it’s valuable to shed light on the phased process underpinning our consultation and storage project management. From due diligence to construction, each phase is pivotal in bringing a storage facility vision to fruition.

Phase 1: Due Diligence

Our journey begins with a meticulous examination of the project’s feasibility. We conduct a thorough feasibility study, analyze the mix and size of storage units, conduct competitive assessments, and gauge demand. Within this phase, we compile a comprehensive Power Package with an overview and renderings of the proposed storage facility. Typically spanning less than 90 days, Phase 1 lays the groundwork for the project’s success.

Due Diligence

Phase 2: Design Phase

In Phase 2, we collaborate with architects and civil engineers to refine the storage facility’s design and layout. Simultaneously, we vet third-party management companies to ensure seamless operations post-construction. This phase is crucial for ensuring the facility’s design aligns with a client’s needs and expectations.

Phase 3: Putting it all Together

As we transition into Phase 3, we focus on finalizing the facility’s design details. Mechanical engineers, plumbers, and security teams work closely with an S3 program manager to add the finishing touches. Concurrently, we initiate a rigorous process of vetting contractors through a Request for Proposal (RFP) and submit necessary permits. Phase 2 and 3, spanning 4-6 months, sets the stage for seamless execution in the subsequent phase.

Phase 4: Let’s Build!

With plans solidified and approvals in place, Phase 4 marks the commencement of construction. Acting as consultants and project managers on the Houston, TX project, our team oversees the entire construction process. Despite challenges like inclement weather, such as the heavy rainfall witnessed in Houston, Texas, during the build of this project, our team navigates through adversities to ensure timely completion. Phase 4, spanning 8-12 months, represents the culmination of months of planning and dedication.

Heavy Rain

As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the Houston, TX storage facility around July, we invite you to stay tuned for final photos capturing the fruition of our collective efforts. At S3 Partners, our commitment to excellence permeates every phase of our projects, underscoring our dedication to delivering unparalleled results.

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