Temperature Controlled

Considering a Temperature Controlled Boat and RV Storage Facility?

Consumers typically view temperature-controlled as a traditional self-storage option. The thought is to prevent damage and protect their personal items from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Once this option was introduced and understood by the first-generation of self-storage consumers decades ago, many facilities began to offer the commodity.

When researching storage for boat or RV storage, customers should consider the benefits of Temperature Controlled. If you are researching the potential of offering Temperature Controlled storage, there are a few things to think about.

Why would a tenant prefer Temperature Controlled Boat and RV storage?

Severe weather and temperature conditions can cause costly damage to a customer’s investment. Not only does parking outdoors have the potential to negatively affect the toy’s cosmetic appeal, but it can also pose safety issues compared to parking in a consistent climate. Having a comfortable setting while loading and unloading is ideal.

Temperatures, UV exposure, hail, wind, and ice all contribute to wear and tear.

  • Tires, rubber seals, and plastic parts can lose functionality when exposed.
  • Rust can accelerate on metal parts such as brakes, rotors, and body panels.
  • Batteries will not perform as expected. Heat will evaporate battery fluid and cold can potentially freeze fluid, both leaving customers stranded or purchasing replacements.
  • Paint on aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass can oxidize, which over time will cause fading and damage.
  • Long-term heat and direct sunlight can cause Interior damage to upholstery, the dash, and other components.

Humidity can cause silent damage, create costly restorations, and affect one’s health.

  • Mattresses, carpets, and linens are a magnet for moisture. Creating the wrong environment will invite mold and mildew growth, not to mention a musty smell.
  • Electronics such as control panels, TVs, and small appliances can be damaged by corrosion.
  • Interior walls, chrome, and the dashboard may show signs of mold spores.
  • User health should be considered as well. The presence of mold can create issues with the respiratory system and allergies.

How is the Temperature Controlled?

Just like your home, you prefer a comfortable environment that can be adjusted automatically. There are multiple categories of HVAC systems. HVAC options can be adjusted to meet your location. An experienced contractor can make recommendations that are right for your climate. 

Recommended Temperature and Humidity

Recommendations for temperature is 55-78 degrees.

Humidity should be between 30-50% to avoid any issues.

In closing, consider geographical location during design. Engage an experienced development team which would include a reputable HVAC contractor. Temperature Controlled facilities are a necessary component for renters who want to keep their toys in pristine condition and offers options based on need. 

Partner with an industry pro

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